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CATEGORY Design. Development. Information Architecture. Responsive Website. UX Design. Website.

DATE 2017

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In the nearly 60 years since A.B. May began, the company has grown from a handful of employees and four trucks serving the Kansas City area to more than 275 employees providing peace of mind to tens of thousands of homeowners. Their web presence, often the first point of contact for their customers, needed to portray the contemporary face of the company while communicating their heritage and their array of service offerings.


Beyond heating and cooling, A.B. May's offerings include plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair services. They also pioneered one of the first homeowner warranties in the industry. The new website would need to be cleanly presented, logically organized, technically executed in a manner that would maximize search engine visibility, and flexible enough to allow for the rapid development and deployment of topic-specific landing pages for online and offline media campaigns.


The result was a responsive, WordPress website with object-oriented content control capabilities, which allows for almost every aspect of the website to be editable by administrative users. A complete SEO migration analysis provided the necessary guidance to ensure years of hard-earned search engine reputation wasn't lost in the relaunch.