Kansas City BBQ Experience | Propaganda3


CATEGORY Design. Development. iOS/Android App. UX Design.

DATE 2018



Barbecue in Kansas City is more than a menu item or a method of preparation. It’s an institution, rich with history and tradition that shapes the city’s dining landscape every day—and has since the early 1900s. We were asked to create the definitive digital guide to KC's world-renowned contributions to global culinary culture.


For decades, visitors from across the globe have traveled to Kansas City, drawn in by its smoky aroma, just to get a sample of KC’s acclaimed cuisine. We were presented with the challenge of crafting a mobile app that not only helps visitors navigate the myriad of choices that make up KC's quintessential 'que scene, but also encourages and rewards discovery and exploration.


The Kansas City BBQ Experience app is the ultimate resource for enjoying Kansas City’s signature cuisine. Check in to 100+ regional restaurants, earn badges for bragging rights, post photos of your ‘cue and embark on themed trails to explore new parts of the city.

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