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CATEGORY Design. Development. Information Architecture. iOS/Android App. UX Design.

DATE 2017, 2018



Kansas City Restaurant Week is 10 days and two weekends of special occasion, charity-driven dining in one of America’s best cities for foodies. Marveling at the options is almost as satisfying as sampling the fare, and with more than 175 of the hottest and most delicious restaurants in KC, you can have your cake and eat it too. (That is, after the entree.)


Kansas City Restaurant Week has had a very faithful and loyal following in KC for many years. In the past, the event even had a mobile app. Unfortunately, the prior app didn't truly represent the KCRW brand personality nor did it match the utility or experience of more foodie-related digital tools. The entire experience needed to be re-concepted and redeveloped.


By leveraging the baseline functionality of our AppTapp platform and through the development of added functionality necessary to ensure a dynamic and appealing experience for our users, we re-envisioned the app from the ground up. The app was designed to pull content from the event's Drupal-based parent site (kcrestaurantweek.com), maintaining a single point of management for the app's robust restaurant info and menu content.


During KCRW 2017, the app was launched over 40,000 times. On average, app users spent 2 to 3 session per day on the app with an average session length of 1:30 per use. The redesigned app has been downloaded over 11,000 times and has a very loyal user base that has continued to use the app throughout the year, praising its simplicity and convenience.
2017 IFEA Pinnacle Awards
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