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Challenging Brassy People Confident Better


Push. Experiment. Dare yourself to try something new. Care deeply enough about the things you make to make them perfect. It’s not easy, and you’ll encounter some storms along the way, but always play on. The heavy stuff’s not coming for quite awhile.


If you have something worth saying, don’t say it in a whisper. Stand up, puff out your chest and say “Hey, World. I’m here, and I have a cool new idea that will blow your f***ing mind.” You’ll be surprised at how many want to stop and listen.


That old “do unto others” mantra? We believe it and live it. We choose to do the right thing by people, in our relationships and in our work product. We value partnerships. We value friendships. We might be designing or developing software, but it’s software made by humans, for humans. Be human.


Do the math. Know your stuff. Then find your voice and get a minor in backbone. Speak when you need to, and listen when you don’t. Take a lesson from the Soup Nazi; a man who knew what was right, and how to say “no” when confronted with anything else.


Got a problem? Solve it. Got a fear? Face it. Suck at something? Do it. Again and again. Because as a wise cartoon dog once said, “sucking at something is the first step toward being sorta good at something.” And being sorta good at something rules.



Technology isn’t one-size fits all. There are audience behaviors to explore, key technologies to consider and ideas that need time to simmer in the big ol’ pressure cooker between our ears. It may seem unimportant and we know you’re anxious to see something tangible, but these details are the difference between a decent piece of technology and a finely tailored digital experience that fits your business perfectly.


This is where we take our big ideas into the lab and attempt to squeeze them onto the screen. It can be a messy process, and you’ll have to trust us on the intricacies of how it all goes down, but once we’re finished, every ounce of our agreed upon strategy, concept and wireframe will be present – and looking totally sexy. Mmmm. We’re getting worked up just thinking about it.


Once we show you a design that you totally love and you approve it, it’s time for us to do some math. Crazy math. Hard, tedious, time consuming math. Math that we really love to do. As we bring your project to life, we’ll be sure to show you our progress along the way. You may or may not care, but we just can’t help ourselves. Pleasing clients is kind of our thing, and we love the feedback. It’s kind of like posting baby pics to Facebook, you know? Just give a thumbs up and move on.


This is the fun part where we share our creation with the world and they rain down praise upon us for creating such a useful, entertaining and engaging experience and we get promoted to Chief Everything Officer and we lose ten pounds and our kids finally think we’re cool. No, seriously, it’s gonna happen.



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