The Wheel Keeps Turning


Marcelo Vergara | Dec 07, 2022

Jerry Garcia • Mike Savage, artist

"Small wheel turn by the fire and rod,
Big wheel turn by the grace of God,
Every time that wheel turn 'round,
Bound to cover just a little more ground."

J. Garcia / R. Hunter / W. Kreutzmann

I've had a few moments in the past two years to reflect back on the last 21 amazing years. My heart quickly fills with emotion as those memories rush forward. All the people who have made up P3 over that time are truly special to me. Without them, frankly, none of the bullshit would have been worth it, and none of the high times would've been as meaningful.

First, let me start by honoring these very important humans in my life –– Christi, Dominic, Mom (Anna), and especially my Vovó (Ita).

Then I have to give thanks to Jim Avery, Bob Basow, Barbara McFadden, Cindi Slightom, Russ Pedersen, Dorian Cougias, David Stanley and Mike Buchen, Teri Rogers, Michael Ong, David Epstein and Steve Revare, Jenny Vergara, Gard Gibson, Big Dave Stewart, John Holland, Willa Cline, Dan Mingori, Cameron Calder, Julia King, Joey Betzen, Kelsey Shockley, John Kreicbergs, and every single professional I have had the privilege to work side by side with at P3.

Finally, I am grateful for and have great respect for every client I have had the privilege to serve. I can now call many of you my friend. Buying and owning the sort of stuff P3 makes is not easy and so many did it for the first time in their professional careers with us. All of them have earned my respect and my deep gratitude.

I'm here because all these people helped me along the way.

There is no secret sauce. No magic. With a f-ton of hard work, challenging conversations, and a genuine trust that if you "keep the main thing the main thing," the world will conspire to move in your favor.

My mission has been simple: to work with people I felt would appreciate and respect my work effort and product. Incredibly, I've had the unreal luck of experiencing that kindness and generosity at every business I had the honor to work for in my 31 years in the business.

I'm lucky. And Grateful.


Marcelo Vergara
Marcelo Vergara, Owner + Operator
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