Building a great website isn’t the finish line, it’s the starting line. Here's why measuring your website matters.

Measuring Your Website Matters

P3 Staff


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On July 1, 2024, all Google Universal Analytics data will be permanently deleted, and scattered to the wind.

R.I.P. Universal Analytics

P3 Staff | June 24, 2024


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In honor of The Parade of Hearts launch, we thought it would only be fitting to discuss an app format that comes naturally to us: the Passport-Style App.

Behind the Scenes of Kansas City’s Best Passport-Style Event Apps

P3 Staff | April 22, 2024


Flow transcends age and time and creates a force that, when harnessed, brings so much good out of our performances.

Surrender to the Flow

Marcelo Vergara | March 5, 2024


On October 15, 2023 the P3 Team suffered the loss of Anna Oliveira.


Marcelo Vergara | January 11, 2024

Change, Gratitude

Propaganda3 turned 22 years old this year and that journey has been long and fruitful. And like any living thing, P3 has grown and developed.

Propaganda3 Announces Leadership Updates

Marcelo Vergara | December 20, 2023

Change, Gratitude

There are no "clever" points or recommendations for this post, not today. Today, we deal in mythology and some factoids.

Three is a magic number.

Marcelo Vergara | December 7, 2023


Earlier this week, Apple unveiled a bevy of new products and features at its Wonderlust virtual event. The following are our team’s reactions.

A P3 Take on this year’s Apple Event

Propaganda3 | September 14, 2023

Hot Takes

In our everyday existence, there are "monsters." They are the things we do not control but think we do.

Doin’ the Werewolves of London

Marcelo Vergara | July 27, 2023


Let's talk about risk and execution. Specifically and metaphorically, the risk of "daring to fly," to take a challenge, put your nose to the wind, and step off the ledge. I do not think the risk lies in the "daring" part.

Put Your Wingsuit On

Marcelo Vergara | March 16, 2023