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Change, Gratitude

Marcelo Vergara | Dec 20, 2023

The Leadership and Senior Managers That Will Lead P3

Propaganda3 turned 22 years old this year and that journey has been long and fruitful. And like any living thing, P3 has grown and developed. That maturation means P3 needs a leadership team that understands its stage in life and what it needs to continue to grow, mature and provide value to all stakeholders (the team and their families), clients and shareholders.

P3 requires a leadership team that has a Vision and is Driven. The leaders must be Courageous, Just, Diligent and Temperate to bring about the best results for all.

Today, we are announcing the leadership and senior managers who will lead P3. These promotions will allow P3 to meet the needs of our team and those we serve. We will provide greater details about these changes in January, but it is important to bring attention to them now so these folks can celebrate their achievements with family and friends over the holidays.


Joey Betzen will serve P3 as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Joey was Director of Production before assuming his new role on 12/1/2023. Joey joined P3 in 2009 as an intern and has since experienced every aspect of our business. He is a leader I admire. I have deep faith in his abilities. He is driven, compassionate, and blessed with all the talent required to lead our business.

Kelsey Shockley will serve P3 as Chief Creative Officer (CCO). Kelsey was Creative Director before assuming her new role on 12/1/2023. Kelsey joined P3 in 2012 as a contract designer after completing her KCAI studies. Kelsey was so advanced in her work that we could not justly call her an intern, as she was ready for prime time. She always impresses all who work with her. Kelsey is an award-winning designer and respected leader. She will lead our people, oversee and develop our processes and bless all our products & projects with her clear, creative insights.

On a personal note: Through many difficulties, while I was home caring for Anna through her illness, Joey and Kelsey kept the faith and led P3 through some complex challenges. Together, they brought us all through it with their steadfast leadership and tenacity.


Joining them in management is Bailey Callow. Bailey has been promoted to Senior Program Strategist. Bailey has significantly impacted our team and clients in her two short years with us. She will work to design and implement production strategies to bring about high-quality, crafted solutions that solve business challenges and maximize opportunities for our clients. She will work closely with Kelsey on process development and further our focus on the high-quality craft of our products/projects.

Also joining the management team is Jake Mlnarik as Digital Marketing Director. Jake joined the team this year and made an instant impact on our culture and our capabilities. Now, he is making a difference for our clients. Jake has all the hallmarks of the P3 ethos: he is entrepreneurial, understands leadership activities necessary to get desired results, and has a Midwest work ethic. Jake will work closely with Joey, Kelsey, and me to build out several new service offerings in 2024 and beyond. More to come on this, but P3 will be offering digital marketing services previously only offered to a select few clients.


In the next 3 to 5 years, Propaganda3 will find many things to celebrate and be proud of because of these leaders. I look forward to sitting at the table with them and doing the hard and rewarding work together. We will have a great time doing it.

Please join me in congratulating them on their new roles and responsibilities.

I wish you all the very best this holiday season and a wonderful 2024.



Marcelo Vergara
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