Ripple in Still Water


Marcelo Vergara | Jan 11, 2023

P3's new location in Downtown Overland Park (8001 Conser St.)

"There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go, no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone."

J. Garcia / R. Hunter

Let's talk about the challenge and opportunities of the "road."

As the song says, "no simple highway," and based on my experience, that is true. Hitting the road is never as simple as it sounds. Yet it's often a requirement – to move, to transport your ideas to more fertile locations.

Whether metaphorically or physically moving to a new location, change is good if done with intention and realistic expectations. (Side note: unintentional change can also be good, but that's often initiated by others or by the "Cosmic Unconsciousness.")

Propaganda3 moved this past year to Downtown Overland Park, Kansas. It was an intentional move that fulfilled business goals and personal goals. It was also done as a rethinking of "the office," our seventh-and-a-half move to a new physical location since May 2001. The change took a toll: chaos, timing challenges, general business disruption, and a fair share of unmet expectations.

Yet the treasure of goodness these moves have positioned us to experience has also delivered priceless benefits.

  • It beckons you to be open to reinvention.
  • It queues up a change mindset, creating openness to the possible.
  • It leads us to be a bit introspective and evaluate what is required from us.
  • It requires you to practice resilience, perhaps a more gentle sparring partner that prepares you for more serious business challenges.
  • It provides plentiful opportunities to practice your improvisational skills.
  • It demands both financial vigilance and fiscal temperance.

That "road" has driven much of P3's evolution over its 21 years. And the move of 2022 has, like the others, moved us to action, change, to evolve.

So consider the road a call to change, to get to it.

We hit the road in 2022, and I see it stretch ahead with beautiful vistas. With one eye fixed on the pavement under our wheels and the other fixed on the horizon, I know that whatever turns and obstacles lay ahead, we have and will continue to do the work to get us through.

I wish you safe travels in 2023. I hope to meet you on the road.

Keep on trucking,

Marcelo Vergara
Marcelo Vergara, Owner + Operator
The bus came by and I got on... that's when it all began.